High Spirits Flutes

Played, endorsed, and distributed by Douglas Blue Feather

"I have been playing and selling High Spirits Flutes for over twenty years. For the price and quality in both craftsmanship and sound, they are the best you will ever find. That's why High Spirits Flutes are my only choice."

"When you buy a flute from me, I will personally pick out the best sounding one for you from my stock and personally package and ship your flute."

Douglas Blue Feather - Recording Artist and Multi National Award Winner

The Native American flute is an easy instrument to learn. It is a heart instrument and does not require any musical background. Each flute includes a FREE easy to follow instructional booklet with fingering charts and video links  on how to play the instrument. 

High Spirits Flutes, owned by Odell Borg, are made in Patagonia, AZ. These flutes are made from a solid piece of the finest cedar, walnut, birch and other fine domestic plantation-grown woods or recycled lumber, finished with three coats of a non-toxic hardening oil for durability and clarity of sound, and each is precision-tuned so that it will blend perfectly with other instruments. The color and woodgrain of aromatic cedar flutes can differ from flute to flute due to the piece wood it is made from. Some cedar flutes are two-tone and have blond or sunburst colors. These flutes come from the heart (center) of the tree and often have the purest tone and most beautiful appearance.

***A note about Native American flutes - just as a "French horn" is a particular type of musical instrument, "Native American flute" refers to a particular type of musical instrument and does not imply that it was made by an enrolled member of a federally-recognized tribe. Although Odell's flutes are owned, used and endorsed by many prominent Native American musicians, High Spirits flutes are not "Native American made" as specified by the U.S. Government and therefore labeled as "Native American Style" flutes. If it is your desire to own a flute made by an enrolled member of a federally-recognized Native American tribe, you can find flute makers through a web search.

About these flutes:

  • The fetish or carving on top of the flutes creates the sound and needs to be in its proper position for the flute to play at its optimum (see instruction booklet)
  • If the flute has a leather tie in the middle of the fingering holes it indicates that there is another fingering hole under the leather tie giving an extra note when ready to use.
  • All the flutes are based on the minor pentatonic scale.
  • When used as a 5-hole flute it is in the pentatonic scale. When the 6th hole under the leather tie is exposed the flute will play the relative major key in both the Diatonic and Chromatic scales.
  • The mid-range and high-range flutes play 1&1/3 octaves. The bass flutes are a one-octave instrument.
  • The softwoods such as Cedar have a fine balance between warmth and clarity. The hardwoods like Walnut and Birch are very durable and have a bright clear voice.
  • High Spirits flutes are made out of a single piece of wood (uni-body) - they are not laminated together.
  • The shorter flutes are very easy to play and learn on. The longer bore flutes have a deeper voice and are recommend for those that already play the Native flute or any other wind instrument.
  • Each flute has a warranty against defective workmanship for 30 days after purchase. Contact High Spirits Flutes at highspirits.com for any warranty issues. Each flute includes a FREE easy to follow instructional booklet with fingering charts and video links  on how to play the instrument.