The Golden Eagle - key of F# minor - has a soothing melodic mid-range haunting, ethereal voice that touches the heart and spirit. It is slightly deeper in tone than the Red Tail Hawk G flute. It is recommended for those that have experience playing the Native flute or have played other wind instruments. It is best for those with medium to larger hands.

It is made from domestic black walnut and is sealed with non-toxic oils giving it a clear, bright voice. It is a good accompaniment flute for the Contra Bass F# flute or the Kestrel F# flute.

It has 6 holes and comes with a leather tie that easily converts it into a 5-hole flute. When comfortable just remove the leather tie and experience the use of the 6-hole.

This flute is 25 inches long. Each flute includes a free "How To Play The Native American Flute" Book and DVD (Item 26 - DVD & Booklet - How To Play The Native American Flute).

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16 - Golden Eagle - F - Walnut - Sample

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