Time for Healing

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22 Time for Healing

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Time for Healing, the 22nd CD by Douglas Blue Feather, is a relaxing and meditative new age album for personal and planetary healing featuring Native American bass flutes surrounded by lush ambient keyboards and soundscapes. Douglas Blue Feather’s masterful style touches the heart and soul at a time when healing of the human family is much needed. Ideal for relaxation, meditation, and healing modalities.


"Douglas Blue Feather is a pioneer in new age music featuring the Native American flute and one of the best flutists I've ever heard. His new CD, Time for Healing is a must have." - Patrick Doyle, Founder NativeRadio.com

"Douglas is an experienced musician and is dedicated to spreading the gift of music with his skills as a Native Flute player. His numerous CD projects and many years of performing have spread his name and positive reputation as one of the most prolific Native flute players throughout the world. His new CD, Time for Healing, is one of his best works." - Odell Borg, Owner High Spirits Flutes

1. Time for Healing 4:24 

2. Alignment 6:26           

3. Bliss 6:04  

4. Tranquility 8:03  

5. Deep in Thought 5:29 

6. A Moment of Zen 5:34   

7. Crystal Energy 5:20 

8. Hummingbird Medicine 6:03 

9. Bless the Healers 4:20 

10. Never Forget 4:17 

11. Gratitude 4:51 

Total Time 60:01