Heal The Earth by Douglas Blue Feather

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Native American Music Award Nominee "Record Of The Year" and "Artist Of The Year"

Heal The Earth is a sacred healing journey of soothing contemporary melodies featuring the Native American flute. It is beautiful melodic music that touches the heart and soul in a way that Douglas Blue Feather is known and loved for.

Heal The Earth Tracks:
01. Rivers Of Time 5:30
02. Cherry Blossom Moon 4:59
03. When The Rains Came 5:40
04. Heal The Earth 3:34
05. Just Believe 4:47
06. Listen To The Wind 6:00
07. Rulers Of The Deep 5:48
08. Faerie Realm 6:10
09. When Angels Dance 5:08
10. Love Remains 6:15
11. Beauty Is Restored 4:37


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