A Crown Of Stars by Douglas Blue Feather

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by Blue Feather, Dunlap and Henke

A Crown of Stars Sensual and spiritual, this CD is a journey from sunset to dawn as Native American flute, guitar, lap slide and bass combine with lush keyboards and percussion to create a symphony of spinning stars and the heartbeat of the night.

01. Setting of the Sun and Rising of the Moon 7:25
02. Flight of the Owl, Call of the Wolf 6:11
03. Heart of Night 6:24
04. River of Galaxies 4:14
05. Night Tides 7:15
06. Dancing the Dream 7:24
07. When Lovers Meet on the Other Side 7:16
08. A Crown of Stars 5:57
09. Dragonfly at Dawn 3:30


CD Out Of Print

 This CD is out of print from douglasbluefeather.com

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